Daniels Electric Corp.
Gilford, NH
A good business relationship is built around people. We’re not just talking about placing a name to a face. We strive to meet our clients face to face, discuss ideas and alternatives and we truly listen to them. Our customers always have direct access to their project manager. Even the company’s owner is often involved in the design and planning stages of a project to insure our client’s needs and objectives as well as viable alternatives are always fully discussed and understood. We pride ourselves on our field staff who consistently complete projects on time and within budget as promised, regardless of the challenges. Our office support staff maintains timely and accurate records to assist our project managers during construction. Finally, we embody the cornerstone of efforts in trust. Trust that is developed through long-term relationships where we demonstrate time and time again a track record of satisfied customers.
Facilities and Equipment
Daniels Electric utilizes the necessary facilities and equipment to efficiently support work on projects of all sizes and scopes. Our 12,000 sq. ft. headquarters building, warehouse and OSHA training classroom serve to support our project management team, support staff, field activities and overall operations. From our fleet of various service vehicles, to in-house design, engineering and test equipment, to the array construction equipment and tools necessary to perform the field work; rest assured that your project will be completed safely, efficiently and cost effectively.
Strategic Partnerships
We recognize that most successful businesses have been wise enough to know that they could benefit from strategic partnerships. Our strategic partnerships consist of insurance providers, financial institutions, suppliers, and of course, other contractors. Each brings something significant to the relationship. Together as a team we provide the best in high quality products, services and results.