Daniels Electric Corp.
Gilford, NH
Service Oriented - Customer focused
Commercial, Residential, Institutional
Daniels Electric Corporation is a full service electrical contractor with the ability to offer quality and efficiency while completing projects of all sizes and scopes. We frequently work with repeat customers on their new projects. This helps us to build a reputation as a reliable contractor who continually meets or exceeds the expectations and needs of its clients.
Daniels Electric stresses the need to truly listen to its clients. While we may offer suggestions and alternatives we always strive to meet clients’ needs while maintaining the integrity and compliance of the project. With our in-house experienced staff we offer our clients years of field tested application suggestions as well as new and innovative ideas to make their project work fit their needs while maintaining an eye toward an owners’ vision of cost-containment.
Daniels Electric is a service-orientated business. We understand that time means money. Our team of service professionals recognizes the need to quickly respond, diagnose a problem and restore a business or a home back to its previous working condition. We strive toward making sure our clients’ needs are satisfied and their operation is not interrupted for longer than necessary when they experience an electrical problem. Our 47ft bucket truck offers our clients the opportunity to efficiently have work completed on elevated projects such as parking lot lighting and high building facades without the need to incur additional costs such as added labor or rental costs.
Fire Alarm / Security
Daniels Electric offers installation, maintenance and service for all fire alarm/security systems. From complex networked systems to simple residential alarms, Daniels is a responsive and knowledgeable provider experienced in working with the local authorities to help to guarantee your adequate protection should the need arise.
Telco / Data
Daniels Electric provides installation of data and telephone networks and infrastructure. Proper cable management ensures cabling is organized, accessible and easy to maintain. Nowadays structured cabling is becoming a necessity in commercial as well as residential environments.
Power Protection
Daniels Electric understands the need for uninterrupted service that the installation of a back-up generator can provide. From the basic residential application to the more complex large commercial projects, we can design and install a system that will ensure continuity of power and lessen the amount of down-time and physical loss that may be experienced from a troublesome power outage. We provide both installation and maintenance for all your generator needs.